Application by Rule 6 - Admission by Examination:
ABA-Approved Law School Graduates


Under Rule 6, a graduate of an ABA-approved law school with a JD degree may apply to take the Minnesota Bar exam.



  • JD from ABA-accredited law school.
  • Good character and fitness recommendation from the Board.
  • MPRE scaled score of 85 or higher. See Rule 4E
  • Meet Rule 4 General Requirements for Admission.
  • File on or before deadline.  See Rule 6B and Rule 6C.

See Rule 6  Admission by Examination.


How to Apply 

Step 1 -  Registration

  • Go to the  Applicant Portal and click on the "Register" button under the "New Registration" column.
  • Complete and print the Registration Form.


Step 2 - Go to Minnesota Bar Application and complete the Application.  
              (The application must be typed.)

  •  Note:  Page 18 --  Applicant's Obligation:  Initial each pragraph, sign and have notarized.
  •  Note:  Page 19 -- Authorization and Release of Information and Records:  Complete, sign and have notarized.
  • Obtain a passport-style photo that includes head, neck and shoulders only.  Print Photo ID form.  Sign your name and attach your photo.
  • Obtain two notarized affidavits from persons who attest to your good character:  See Rule 4B(4).   
    See sample affidavit form.
  • Optional:  Complete Laptop Registration Form and Fee. 
  • Submit the appropriate fee for your application. Rule 12.  Include an additional $100 if you are registering to take exam on your latop. 
  • Submit a certified copy of driving record from state where you hold a current driver's license.
  • Complete Supplemental Forms and attach required documents, if called for by your application answers.
  • Obtain and attach documents from other states or jurisdictions, where licensed to practice law. See Rule 4D.
  • If requesting accommodations because of a disability, complete and submit Non-standard Test Accommodation Forms.
  • See Rule 6 for filing and late filing deadlines.

Note:  Any application submitted without the proper documentation or fees may be returned to the sender.

Step 3:  Submit your Minnesota Bar Application and attachments.

  • Attach the completed Registration Form to the completed Minnesota Bar Application form.
  • Attach all Supplemental Forms and Documents.
  • Enclose fee in appropriate amount.
  • Check Rule 6B and 6C for application deadlines.
  • Mail or deliver your completed application packet to:

Minnesota State Board of Law Examiners
180 East 5th Street, Suite 950
St. Paul, Minnesota 55101 

 Step 4:  After Submitting an Application

  • Go to your Applicant Portal. Notices of requests will be posted to your Applicant Portal. 
  • You must watch your Applicant Portal for requests for additional information from the Board office.


Note:  Requirements for admission to the Bar listed on the Board of Law Examiners' webpage or on the Board's Applicant Portal are summaries of complete requirements.  See Rules for Admission to the Bar for complete requirements.  Applicants and potential applicants are urged to read the Minnesota Rules for Admission to the Bar, particularly Rules 1 through Rule 18.